Monday, June 28, 2010

Gulfport Cafe--Gulfport

Who wants to go back to Sal's Town Shore??...and the chorus chimes in YES!     
Remember Sal's?  He is no longer with us and the family has renamed it
Gulfport Cafe!

What a great neighborhood place.   Open for breakfast and lunch only but what a nice place to meet and greet in the morning.   It was fun to renew old friendships over coffee and review yesterday's events.  And who couldn't pass up the Breakfast Special of Two eggs, hash browns, home fries, tomato slices and toast for only $2.75!   I couldn't go through any drive by for that price!    The Omelets start at $3.95 for cheese and range to $5.75 for the Western.    English Muffins or homemade crumpets were an additional .65.  

The Lunch Menu appears to be complete at great prices also.   So glad that our condo is just around the easy to stroll down and enjoy a great meal in a clean, friendly restaurant!  

Loved all the little chackas!

Gulfport Cafe  is in a little nondescript strip mall..but try not missing it!   If you will be sorry.  

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