Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monterey Mexican--Greenville

A nice day trip ended in Greeneville, TN.     The area is steeped in history and heritage.  President Andrew Johnson was from this area...much history abounds.  After looking for something different, we soon found out there isn't much going on "different" in Greeneville...all the usual suspects in dining are flooding the area.  What can we choose and it appears the number one restaurant in the area is Monterrey Mexican.  I love Mexican styled food and knowing that Monterrey in the Knoxville area is a solid bet, we stopped for lunch.    Busy place and we were immediately seated.   Ordinary tortilla chips and average salsa was promptly delivered to the table.  

The restaurant was featuring a special of the day...including their large Lunch Special selection that is available from 11 to 2 Monday-Friday.   The menu is expansive..but nothing unusual....the typical Mexican fare found in anywhere. We decided on a chimi with chicken and a chimi with beef.  Included with the chimi was beans and rice...or if you wanted you could substitute a salad instead of the rice.   I don't recall ever having that option and it was a good one.   Crisp shredded iceberg with a tomato slice, guacamole and sour cream.   I added a little salsa to the salad to up the flavor level.  

 Our Chimichangas arrived very quickly while our very attentive server kept our drink and tortilla chip basket well stocked. 

 We were given the choice of one or two Chimichangas...but I have to admit I haven't been served a chimi that was like a deep fried burrito.  The chicken was good...but the shredded beef was out of this world good.   Like a Mexican pot roast rolled and fried.   It was heaven on a plate.  The beans...nothing special.....but very good.  

Total cost for lunch--$11.94.....and that was for TWO LUNCH tickets!  I could have spent that much in a drive thru!    What a deal for quick good tasting food.   I would definitely go back and next time I would order two Chimichangas. 

Nice Decor

The Full Service Bar is always a Treat! 

 Monterrey Mexican features EVERYTHING to go but the liquor.  I kind of liked staying at the restaurant...it is very comfortable. 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tosi's Restaurant--Stevensville, MI

One of my dreams has come true....dining at Tosi's Restaurant in Stevensville, MI.  After thirty years of anticipation, my dream has come true!  It was worth the wait.  

I traveled to Michigan with my good friend to see family, friends and attend a wedding in the area.   After the wedding festivities, we had already decided we would have our final Michigan meal at Tosi's.   I had no idea the setting would be as lovely as it was.

Upon entering, we viewed Mr. Tosi's Portrait.  A Gracious Staff immediately greeted our arrival.  

We arrived a little early and just had to enjoy a few beverages at their comfortable, lodge inspired lounge including some spectacular Chianti bottles over the bar.   

After cocktails, our Host escorted us to our table for five.  Since we were seated before 6PM, their 15% discount policy applied to regular menu items for we senior diners.   

One catch...YOU MUST place your order before 6 and we managed to make that happen.  Nice to get a discount. 

Our Server, Kathy immediately greeted us and we left the rest in her capable hands.  She told us that she had been there for many years, beginning her career at the tender age of 14 while her other family members had worked their way up to senior positions.  

The House and Caesar Salad looked very tempting.  My House arrived with their wonderful Bleu Cheese dressing and our friend's Caesar Salad arrived sans anchovies.   I enjoy anchovies and would have ordered them, but he declined!  

A wonderful selection of menu offerings included some outstanding meals!!   

The Baked Brie EnCroute was served with peach and raspberry sauces. 

Eggplant Parmesean so wonderful.  

The Chicken served with fresh Michigan asparagus.  

My Favorite...The House Specialty  Malfatti

Who can resist? 
So many pictures...not enough room but you can enjoy all of them here!  A memorable Dining Adventure I will never forget!  Thanks for a wonderful evening! 

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ZING!!--Douglas, MI

There is a brighter NEW STAR on the Blue Star Highway in Douglas, MI.  What a great treat to learn that ZING has just opened in Douglas.  Looks like Jim Petzing, Staff, Management and Crew know exactly how to please the public.  Great Food...Beautiful Interior Design, Perfect Service!  Who could want anything more?   Oh...and the Perfect Zingtini.  

Our wonderful Hostess greeted our "mob of eight" with a smile on her face...and their call ahead dining service worked flawlessly.  She was ready for us.  

We began with one of their Wonderful Zingtini's in a beautiful and unusual Martini Glass.  They were quite hefty...solid and well chilled. 

The Strawberry Spinach Salad was very nice...everyone loved the flavor combinations. 

I really don't know where to start on the entrĂ©es. Each was a work of art on a plate.  Here are some of our selections on the evening of June 11, 2011.  

The Steak Salad

The Lobster Salad

The Baked White Fish

The Stuffed Chicken Breast
Seafood Pasta featuring Mussels

Blueberry Glazed Pork Chop!
 How could we come to Michigan without
enjoying the Blueberries that Michigan 
is famous for.  

We enjoyed a fabulous meal....complete with 
a visit  from Mr. Jim Petzing checking to see
if every need was met.  It was Jim...you
are getting it right. An outstanding evening and
will return to your lovely restaurant
on our next trip to your beautiful state.  

Beautiful Lounge

Nice Bar Decorations

Raising my Zingtini Glass to Jim and friends for making a wonderful evening!
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