Friday, December 9, 2011

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza--Turkey Creek

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza opened months ago in Knoxville.  It was a low key entrance to the Knoxville dining scene but deserved a visit.  The first Brixx Wood Fired Pizza opened in 1998 in the historic Dilworth neighborhood in Charlotte, NC.   By the end of 2011, Brixx Corporate will  have 22 locations in the southeast with franchise opportunities available.  

I arrived at 1130 AM to an empty house. By the end of my visit, the house was very full. 

A charming hostess immediately greeted and escorted me to a huge booth that easily would accommodate six to eight people.    Great place to spread out and get a little paper work done. No WiFi, but I received an adequate signal from the "cafe" across the street.   My server immediately approached but I had to study a nice three fold menu.  She offered a suggestion on the 28 beers on tap.  Unfortunately, work was scheduled for the afternoon, so water was the choice for the day.   

Pleasant contemporary Interior Design

Nice bar with 28 Beer Taps available

On to the menu which featured a wide selection of pizza combinations to choose from. Gluten free crusts were also available for $2.00 extra.   Most of the pizzas were in the ten dollar range.  My tent card on the table featured the $5.95 lunch which included a smaller version of the large pizza and choice of salad and or soup.  My choice was the House Salad with Bleu Cheese dressing.   That was great with huge chunks of bleu cheese in a very tangy and creamy dressing.  The salad was good but looked a little "limp".  

My entrĂ©e choice was the Rustica pizza which featured prosciutto, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and roasted garlic.  This was an olive oil pizza without any tomato sauce.  Tomato sauce pizza are also available.  

Fresh Flavors
The Best part of the Meal.....

I could not have gone to a drive thru to get better food with a
attentive server at my table.   Will be back for another dining adventure. 

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