Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cobalt--Orange Beach

My Favorite Dining Spot!


The Patio at Cobalt

Cobalt appears in my sights via the Urbanspoon App on my smartphone.  I just love the ability to find great restaurants while traveling.  

While staying in Gulf Shores, Al, we ventured over to Orange Beach to do a little sight seeing.  It was a very warm but rainy day and it was just fun driving around the beaches.  It was getting close to lunch time and we didn't have a clue where we were going to eat.  My new smartphone has taken over my decision making!  

We selected Cobalt in Orange Beach.   It is a little hard to find for strangers since it is tucked under the causeway bridge.  The GPS directs you but it took a couple of turns to get to the front door.  Glad we found this gem.  

Cobalt was featuring their Sunday Brunch for close to twenty bucks.   Everything looked good on the buffet, but I am not a buffet fan.  I want to sit, be served and not be jumping up and down all the time.  Cobalt was very busy as their reputation brings in the crowds.    We left our name with the host stand and sat at the bar for our table to become available.  

Busy Bar Scene

Our server quickly appeared with menus after we declined the buffet.  Good things were all over the menu...such a hard choice but we decided on the Fried Shrimp Plate and the Grouper Sandwich.    The Fried Gulf Shrimp were perfectly prepared with a crispy coating and nicely seasoned.  My Grouper Sandwich was one of the best I have enjoyed in a while.   It was very obvious all our food was fresh and prepared by an excellent kitchen staff.   My Coleslaw was a little bland...could have used an extra kick of vinegar.  The french  fries were the best. 

The Shrimp Platter

Gulf fresh Grouper Sandwich with Slaw
Addicting Seasoned Fries!! 
Our server asked what we were celebrating...It's MY Birthday!    She brought out a complimentary Red Velvet cupcake....fresh, tasty.   I wasn't finished yet and wanted more from their fabulous dessert case in the foyer.  

My Red Velvet Cupcake

Banana Pudding with Sugar Glazed Banana slices

My ALL TIME favorite dessert....Fried Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream/Caramel Sauce

Of all our dining choices, without a doubt Cobalt is 
ONE of the best experiences in quite a while.  
  I would highly recommend this restaurant 
to any foodie seeking a wonderful time.  

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kitty's Kafe--Gulf Shores

Kitty's Kafe remains a staple in the Gulf Shores dining arena.  We enjoyed

the Kafe Breakfast on two mornings.  Good Stuff!!


Curbside Greeting by the "Flying Pig Windsock"

 Kitty's is busy all the time for a good reason....the food is good and served 

promptly without any whining.  


Over Easy Eggs with Country Fries and Whole Wheat Toast--6.99
Scrambled Eggs with Breakfast Sausage, Grits and Whole Wheat Toast--6.99

Kitschy Interior

 I would head back to Kitty's in a heartbeat....every thing you would want in a

breakfast, lunch or dinner.



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Sunset Cork Room--Gulf Shores

While vacationing in Gulf Shores, I really was looking for something special for my birthday celebration.  We choose the Sunset Cork Room.  The 90% rating also influenced the decision to dine.

We arrived at 630 on a Saturday evening to a quite empty restaurant.  The inappropriate dining  music was a little loud with no one in the restaurant.  We asked if it could be changed and our server took care of the request.    The music venue was changed and the volume lowered.  

Our server delivered our drinks while we examined the menu.  We also were interested in their Wine Selections since they had quite a few Wine Spectator Awards.   

To begin our evening enjoyment, we choose the Three Cheese Plate with the Chef's Choice of local offerings.  Very nice....and a great compliment with our martinis.  

Crab Bisque was thick and flavorful 

Field Greens Salad with Bleu Cheese Dressing

Our entrée selections included the Rack of Lamb and the Filet Mignon with Bearnaise.  Nicely prepared while our server kept the dinner pace smooth.

Gorgeous Rack of Lamb
A Perfect Filet with Bearnaise

We enjoyed our selections with a great bottle of 2009  Katherine Kennedy Lateral..a wonderful blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Malbec.  Wow...what a great vintage.  Beautiful with my filet.  

We concluded the meal with my birthday dessert which was a Sunset Chocolate Shortcake with a Strawberry reduction.  This was a very tasty dessert but I found the presentation a little sloppy.  It just didn't present well.  

Chocolate Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry

This meal was enjoyable and in the price range of a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  

For the price of this meal, I would not have expected the chipped china 

that seemed to reappear regularly That was the 

only drawback from the entire evening.   

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen--Gulf Shores

Last Friday night took us to DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen in Gulf Shores, AL.   Our Host at the hotel had suggested the restaurant since we wanted seafood...what else could you want to eat in Gulf Shores?    As we entered the front door and approached the Host Station, I noticed the carpet was a little shop worn.  

Our server approached us in the busy dining room.  She took our drink orders and we decided to try the fried green tomatoes.  They were lacking flavor and remained very "flat" tasting.  I needed to look at them to really know what I was eating since I couldn't tell otherwise. 

Plain and ordinary for an appetizer
We enjoyed our drinks and studied the menu.   Sitting in the dining room, I was struck how it reminded me of being in a  church basement dining room.   This was nothing I would have expected in a twenty dollar entrée restaurant.  

  The atmosphere and ambiance was totally lacking

Our salads arrived....tasty but once again, a very ordinary salad....iceberg lettuce,  one cherry tomato, a slice or two of red onion and boxed croutons.   I requested blue cheese dressing and that was exceptional.  The dressing made the salad enjoyable. 

Our server assured us the grouper would be very good....and she was right.  It was some of the best seafood I have enjoyed in some time.  They really did an outstanding job with our entrées.  DeSoto's redeemed their reputation!    Both were well prepared and enjoyable 'til the last bite! 

Fried Grouper with very tasty vegetables
Paneed Grouper with Bearnaise Sauce....SO GOOD!

I would enjoy returning to dine at DeSoto's on our next trip but I feel that a lunch time visit 

would fit the bill.  Out dinner tab was a little pricy for such a lack of decor. 

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bahama Bob's--Gulf Shores

First night in Gulf Shores required we eat at the number one rated restaurant.  Bahama Bob's is a beach front seafood house and they live up to their reputation.  The place is busy,....noisy, and a lot of fun.  A packed house shows Bahama Bob's is doing something right.  

We walked up to the outside stand and was told the wait would be "a while".   We asked to be seated at the bar since there would a number of bar stools open.   Walked right in and had a seat and a beer within a few seconds.  Our bartender was quick with the drinks and the menus.   

The place was packed with lots of fun and good food.  After all, it was off season but a Friday night brought a lot of people in for the good food.  

After looking at the menu, the bar keep suggested the Pangus...which he assured us tasted like grouper.  We had never heard of Pangus, so we went ahead with his suggestion.   Later, we did a little investigation and found out that Pangus is not one of the most "safe" seafood to be consuming.   Comes from overseas with questionable river pollution.  

The entreés arrived quickly.  The Fried Striped Pangus--Fresh catch dipped in our special batter and fried golden brown served with French Fries  and  Cole Slaw  for $14.99.  

I asked the bar keep to surprise me with their favorite thing.  I really was looking forward to what they would like.  I received the Steamed Royal Reds--1 lb. of tender deep-water shrimp in the rough, spiced and steamed just right.  Served with garlic butter and Steamed New Potatoes, and Vegetable of the Day for  $21.99.  I had never had these before and they are whole shrimp.   A bucket was provided to discard the shells and head.   After all, it was a whole huge shrimp!

I loved the steamed shrimp...the new potatoes and the corn.   Great meal...and quite messy...but worth every drop of flavor.  

Skipped the dessert selections and rolled out of the restaurant with a full belly.  

I would go back in a second.....and look forward to my next visit to Gulf Shores.  

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hazel's Nook--Gulf Shores

The One and ONLY!!


My first trip to Gulf Shores for a long weekend vacation took me to Hazel's Nook for breakfast.  Wow....if I didn't know better I would have though I had just walked into Mel's Diner.   Vickie and the entire staff were friendly, loquacious, and a bit over the edge with their comments.  

We sat down and immediately had a full cup of coffee.  Vickie suggested the breakfast buffet but we chose to order off the menu.   I have never been a fan of buffets...just don't like the up and down getting my own food.   I asked if we order off the menu, are they going to go over to the buffet and get my hash browns and bacon.  Vickie told us that everything would be prepared for us.  

Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns and Link Sausage

Over Easy, Hash Browns and great bacon

 Service was prompt and well prepared.   Loved the bacon..crispy just like I prefer.  Hash browns would have been a little better if left to crisp up on the grill.  English muffins and rye toast completed the meal under $20.00.  

Busy Breakfast Buffet Morning with Omelets prepared to order

 Good Place for Breakfast..would return on my next visit!


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