Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apple Valley Kitchen & Cafe--Townsend

Apple Valley Kitchen and Shopping Emporium  has been in Townsend for more years than I have lived in Tennessee!   And....I might add, I have never been to the restaurant!   On a small traveling adventure, we decided to stop in and experience a decades old attraction.  

Upon arrival, I had to notice all the surrounding buildings offering everything from gift shops to antiques and collectibles.   The restaurant is not visible from the main road but in the back of the complex.   The first thing I needed to do was visit the "facility" only to find out they didn't have a "facility" but I had to go outside and around the restaurant.   That struck me as odd.  

Outdoor Dining
After taking care of the necessaries, I approached the counter to order.   No waitperson comes to the table...and that is OK...seems to be the "trend" in casual dining.  

The Lunch Counter Line

Menu on Chalk Board changes!

 The Cafe features a wide variety of hot and cold sandwiches and all are available as a wrap.   I decided on the Chicken Salad as a wrap with home made chips.  

My wrap arrived and looked good...BUT I did arrange the wrap for a better arrived from the kitchen just laying in the basket.    The chicken salad was OK...but really lacking of any seasonings and a little on the dry side.   I ate half the wrap and needed to get salt, pepper and a couple of packs of mayo.  That helped quite a bit.  

I realize it was a very damp, humid, rainy day, but the home made chips were very "cardboardy".  Not crisp, but something you had to chew.   They need to get them back in the oven to refresh and crisp up!  

The Daily Special board was prominently displayed at the entrance.  I did hear two people request the Broccoli Cheese soup...but they were sold out at 12:30 PM.    

The Main Dining Room
This is a quaint, charming tourist destination with a homey interior.   Nothing compelled my return. 

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