Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snug Harbor--Grand Haven

My beautiful daughter in law and son were celebrating their anniversary and that prompted me to take them out for dinner.  They suggested Snug Harbor since I had never been there...and they were spot on for a fine dinner.  

Snug Harbor on the Lower Level while  Jelly's Lounge is at the street level 
Our server greeted us promptly and delivered our beverage orders.  She never hovered but always appeared at the moment we needed service.  We began browsing the appetizer selections which included many good choices.  We  started with the Snug Harbor  Hummus Plate and the Chef's Choice Cheese Plate.  Since the plate changes daily, our server had to return to the kitchen to see what the night's selection would be.

Great Lakes Cheese Board

The Hummus Plate with Regular and Sun Dried Tomato Hummus
While enjoying a beautiful West Michigan coast sunset, we scanned the menu for our entrée selections.   My daughter in law is vegetarian and the choices were slim.    She did choose the Grilled Portobella Sandwich featuring roasted red peppers, cheese and a basil aioli.  

Grilled Portobella Sandwich

Other choices of the evening included the Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops,
The Orange Ginger Salmon and Seafood Penne. 

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

Orange Ginger Salmon

Seafood Penne

The food was very good...and the waterfront setting couldn't be beat.  Snug Harbor also features a "South of the Snug Border" which features burritos, enchiladas and nachos.   We didn't order from that menu, but it did have appeal. 

.....from their website....          Welcome to Snug Harbor of Grand Haven Michigan!
Located on the harbor in Grand Haven, Michigan, Snug Harbor is a year round waterfront restaurant. From lunch to dinner, to cocktails and wines, you will experience exceptional waterfront views while dining.    For the past twenty years, Snug Harbor has been the choice of locals and tourists alike, who want to experience the changing seasons on Lake Michigan, as well as summer activities such as boating, fireworks and the world's largest musical water fountain.   Our outdoor 80 seat deck also offers panoramic views of the harbor and Lake Michigan. Also please consider us for your special banquets, corporate meetings and social activities.


Our dinner bill averaged to fifty per person, which was very reasonable for our food and service.   I would return to visit the other nearby restaurants that Snug Harbor operates.  

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outback Steak House--Chicago

While on the road, we stayed at the Spring Hill Suites in Chicago off Higgins Road.   Unaware that Outback was at this location since Urbanspoon didn't have it listed.   Must be new?....but it was very convenient having Outback on the hotel property.   No driving, since we had a long haul of 500 miles that day.   Didn't appeal to get back in the car and drive any further.  

We sat in the high top tables in the bar.  At that point, we enjoyed the service of two different servers...actually, it became a little confusing since both were trying to help us.  Finally, the server that was suppose to be helping us was established.  

The traditional bread and salads arrived while we enjoyed 
a few margaritas and beer.   Well prepared salads
with dressing.  

We both had our server recommend the Rib Eye Steaks, medium rare.   The suggestion was spot on.  My plate was accompanied with mashed potatoes while others enjoyed the steak with broccoli.  



When it comes to chain dining, you always can depend on Outback Steakhouse.  Whether in Florida, Tennessee or Chicago, you just can't miss with the dependability of a their operations. Outback doesn't provide the BEST STEAK you have ever enjoyed, but you can't go wrong with their consistency. 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sequoyah Grille--Knoxville

Finally, I believe we have a restaurant that can survive in a mid center Bearden location.   I can remember restaurants all the way back to the Half Shell, and I LOVED that restaurant.  Many a good meal have been consumed in this building.  Chef/Owner, Deron Little and his staff  are working to keep a great thing going and just make it  better.    



Last week, I was feeling a little adventurous and asked my helpful server to surprise me.  He was a little taken back and I assured him, anything they were to serve would be OK with me.  This is what I devoured..and boy, was it good.  

Great Bar..very comfortable

My Server began with a wonderful tortilla appetizer created with cream cheese 
and black beans.  So good and I added a couple of splashes of hot sauce. 

My appetizer was followed with a wonderful
Black Bean/Corn chowder.   Good but did need a dash of salt. 

And on to my daily featured sandwich!  Benton's Bacon , Tomato and
Tobacco Onions was served with Texas Toast.   A great flavored mayo
was included.    This sandwich was the most satisfying sandwich and the
Sweet Potato Fries with the dipping sauce was heaven on a plate.   I
am not sure what the dipping sauce was..but I believe I tasted a bit of
real Maple Syrup. 

Sequoyah Grille will continue to be one of my favorites, just as Seasons Cafe is in Farragut.  And the outdoor patio just looks so inviting.  

Bon Appétit and Enjoy a Great Meal with Chef Little. 

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