Monday, May 14, 2012

Sequoyah Grille--Knoxville

Finally, I believe we have a restaurant that can survive in a mid center Bearden location.   I can remember restaurants all the way back to the Half Shell, and I LOVED that restaurant.  Many a good meal have been consumed in this building.  Chef/Owner, Deron Little and his staff  are working to keep a great thing going and just make it  better.    



Last week, I was feeling a little adventurous and asked my helpful server to surprise me.  He was a little taken back and I assured him, anything they were to serve would be OK with me.  This is what I devoured..and boy, was it good.  

Great Bar..very comfortable

My Server began with a wonderful tortilla appetizer created with cream cheese 
and black beans.  So good and I added a couple of splashes of hot sauce. 

My appetizer was followed with a wonderful
Black Bean/Corn chowder.   Good but did need a dash of salt. 

And on to my daily featured sandwich!  Benton's Bacon , Tomato and
Tobacco Onions was served with Texas Toast.   A great flavored mayo
was included.    This sandwich was the most satisfying sandwich and the
Sweet Potato Fries with the dipping sauce was heaven on a plate.   I
am not sure what the dipping sauce was..but I believe I tasted a bit of
real Maple Syrup. 

Sequoyah Grille will continue to be one of my favorites, just as Seasons Cafe is in Farragut.  And the outdoor patio just looks so inviting.  

Bon Appétit and Enjoy a Great Meal with Chef Little. 

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