Saturday, September 17, 2011

McClouds Restaurant and Lodge--LaFollette

The Long and Winding Road will take you 2700 feet to the summit of McCloud Mountain and the beautiful setting of McCloud Restaurant and Lodge in La Follette, TN.    This beautiful vista is located five miles north of the charming town.  At the entrance, this sign was posted in humor, but I must is a very steep road rising 1500 feet in the two mile assent to the Lodge.  

And this is the beautiful view!

 Upon arrival to the Restaurant,  a convenient drop off area is located at the entrance.  Parking is close by.  

Upon entering the restaurant, my hostess asked if I had reservations. I said no.  There were six patrons in a dining room that would seat 200 easily.  Then she wanted my name....."for the computer".   Odd, but I complied with my first name.  

The Main Dining Room

My server brought over the Lunch Menu and returned with my beverage.   As I looked at the menu, it had the usual suspects for any East Tennessee Restaurant.   Sandwiches, Lunch Special, Salads, Soups.   Nothing popped out as adventurous so I had to ask my server what they would recommend.    They suggested the Steak Burger at $8.95, including lettuce, tomato and onion.   I could add cheese for $1.00 and bacon for an additional $1.00.  Now this bacon cheeseburger would have been $10.95.    All sandwiches are served with chips.  I could add cole slaw or french fries for $1.00 and onion rings for $1.50.   I decided to get the onion rings since I am an onion ring aficionado.  

My Lunch Serving
McClouds bills themselves as "fine dining".  I would have to dispute their claim.  Fine Dining includes Linen....I received a paper place mat and paper napkins.  One Strike. My nine dollar burger was nothing but a preformed institutional boxed meat patty.  My onion rings were not worth the the cardboard freezer box they came out of.  Quite a disappointment for what I received.  This might be Fine Dining for Claiborne County, but has really missed the mark for any other location.   Their "captive audience" do not have much of a food choice, so it becomes a take it or leave it situation at this beautiful location.   

The only redeeming part of this adventure is the view.  It is spectacular and worth the drive.  The Fall colors will be breath taking but  I would not return for their version Fine Dining.   The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the convenience of the guests staying at the Lodge. 

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