Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nick & J's Cafe--Knoxville

OK…..too many "one hit" wonders have been posting about Nick & J's Cafe.   I see that type of voting to be suspicious at least…highly unlikely at best.   Who is putting them up to making a one hit post?   More on that later…..  

Miss M and I had to go see for ourselves.  Nick & J's have been open for a few months now and generally, I will reserve comment.  Stand back and let them get the kinks out of the new operation.   If you were not aware…this facility was a defunct HH operation.  HH has gone the way of abandoned here in East Tennessee in the past year!   Not sure what caused this…but Nick & J’s really did a nice revamping the building and facility.    

My first surprise was they do not serve dinner.    We arrived for lunch and the place was packed.  Something must be going good here.   We didn't have to wait but a moment for a booth and our server was right there to help us.  Of course, we needed a few to look over the menu.  Nice choices and the daily lunch special was lasagna with salad and roll for $6.95.  That sounded like a good possibility.     One minute later…our server was back and we had to wave them off for further menu considerations.  

My first choice was a burger, since I had read raving about their sandwich.  Miss M always is interested in a Gyro.    So….drinks arrived and we placed our food order.  Gyro and fries…Nick & J’s Burger.   Ordered the burger well, dressed and included the onions and mushrooms, cheese…the whole thing.    The burger came with fries...but I am just wild about onion rings….which were wonderful but an additional dollar charge.   It was worth it, great onion rings.  

When our plates arrived, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a few photos of the presentation.  The food was better than the pictures show.   Our server kept our glasses full without question.   Food served hot, wonderful and full of flavor.  I couldn’t put the burger down…it was that good…with the addition of a little salt and pepper. 

Wonderful Burger and Onion Rings

The Gyro and Fries!! 
We finished our meal and our server was back to the table to suggest banana pudding…had to resist.   The server continued to say…”I see you were taking photos of your meal…the owner would be proud if you would post a picture on Urbanspoon.   That was the rip…sounds like they are required to make a suggestion to each dining client to post a review on Urbanspoon.  I didn’t mind….since I don’t review restaurants that are undeserving of a comment.   Only positive comments from this chubby diner….bad food only needs to be ignored! 

I will return to Nick & J’s.   The experience was worth all that nasty construction on Lovell Road to the Pellissippi Parkway.  Hopefully, that will be finished sometime this decade.

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