Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Apple Cake Tea Room--Knoxville

The One and ONLY!!

Apple Cake Tea Room has enjoyed a multi decade run of success and this is one restaurant I have never been to.  Their most requested item is their Chicken Salad and it is the best reason to drop in for lunch. 

The Welcoming Foyer
I arrived just about lunchtime and the place was 98% full of ladies.  This was to be expected after all.    While in the foyer, I read all the glowing reviews from the press and beautiful thank you notes that past guest had sent to Mary.   I didn't get to meet Mary, but I am sure she is a treasure.  

A Charming Apple Napkin Ring
I was taken to a nice table out of the main flow of traffic.   My server was immediately at my side with a frosty glass of water and a flavorful mini muffin and butter. 

The Complimentary Mini Muffin
I looked over the menu and decided to have my server surprise me since I didn't know exactly what I wanted.  She returned to my table quickly and presented me with their Chicken Salad on a Croissant and an what I thought was an unusual accompaniment.   She included a twice baked potato with cheese and bacon on top.  Somehow, I was expecting the usual fruit salad, but the potato added a nice touch and was filling for my appetite.  

The Chicken Salad with Twice Baked Potato

I enjoyed their food and would drop by again....
nice place with a real homey atmosphere.  


Apple Cake Tea Room is open 
Monday to Saturday for Lunch Only  

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