Friday, March 23, 2012

Asia Cafe--Knoxville

This is the One and ONLY!

Asia Cafe has been on my radar for quite a was the day to try it out.  I have to admit this is the FIRST Asian restaurant I have seen to feature Biker Night.  Maybe we need to get out more nights.  You just don't hear about  Biker Night that often.  

My lunch began with my server, Loida greeting me at my booth.  She was so pleasant and charming.   Since I had not been here before, I had to study the lengthy menu.   Asia Cafe has quite a bit to choose from....WOW, what choices.  Asia Cafe has something for everyone including the traditional Sweet/Sour stir fry to a exotic Chicken Feet with Chinese mushrooms, green onions and carrots.  My private confession...I passed on that dish.  She also suggested that I look at the Sushi Menu, but I have never had any interest in that.  

After review, I headed to the Lunch Special Menu.  All of the choices looked good, but I was a little shocked that there was NO PORK on any of the menus.   I asked Loida to surprise me with her entreĆ© choice and my addition of Hot & Sour Soup and Egg Roll.  

Hot Sour Soup
Egg Roll

Asia Cafe's Hot Sour Soup was one of the best I have been served in Knoxville!   The broth was flavorful and not too thick.  The soup was full of fresh flavor...almost like it was just prepared.   My egg roll was obviously just made...crispy, hot and full of great flavor.  The only thing I missed was the Chinese hot mustard sauce.  The dipping sauce included with the egg roll was perfect for me.  


My entreĆ© arrived and to my surprise Loida brought me 
Penang Curry with Chicken for $6.98 .  The Lunch Special also included Rice. 
Curry dishes are something I have been afraid I might not like.  Boy...was I wrong.  

The dish was described as a richer, thicker version of the red curry served w/potatoes & broccoli seasoned with lime leaves.  It was listed as a "hot" dish, but I must say, I though it was very mild and I would up the "hot" level to three or so.  This dish was one of the best things I have tasted in some time.  I know my new found Curry Adventure will surely expand in the Asian Market both here in Knoxville and in my dining adventures around the country. 

Bright and Lively Interior
Lounge featured table tops and bar with changing colors!
Exterior Signage a little on the trashy side.

I have to say this probably is one of the better Asian food restaurants in Knoxville....a place that I will return to every time I am in the area.   Located just off I75, Exit 110 on Central Avenue.  Very convenient for "snowbird" travelers and the locals.


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