Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brazerio's Churrascaria--Knoxville, TN

As we entered, we all commented on how many different restaurants had occupied and failed at this location. Brazerio's Churrascaria appears to be a successful tenant in a building that really was tainted.  I will not go to a new restaurant in Knoxville....they need to be around for six or more months to see how they do.  Most do not make it.  

Upon entering with our reservation in hand, we were promptly seated and greeted by a few servers.  It appears the servers work in teams to expedite your enjoyment. Cocktails were served while we examined the wine list and enjoyed the cheese bread appetizers.   They had the texture of a choux dough with a slight flavor of cheese.  They were very good. Drinks arrived and we were invited to the salad bar to help ourselves.  The Salad Bar was well stocked with very fresh ingredients including:

Fresh Steamed Asparagus
Manchego Cheese
Italian Salami
Large Fresh Tomatoes
Potato Salad
Romaine Salad
Brazilian Heart of Palm
Fresh Mozzarella
Apple Salad
Mixed Salad
Artichoke Bottoms

Nice Cheese Choices

After the Salads, we began our meat eating adventure.  Each guest has a large poker styled chip...with one side being red and one side green.  The green chip is showing when you are ready for the gauchos to start serving.  All the individual choices are served table side.   You choose what and how much you would like to be served.   Then, turn your chip over to red while you enjoy your selections.  They will not approach until you are ready to turn your chip over.  

Too Much to Enjoy

My choices included Top Sirloin, Pork Ribs, Sausages, Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Chicken Legs.  All were very good but I did find they to be a little over seasoned with salt.  Our servers were always near by but I found they kept some of the more expensive items away.   I had to ask for the Lamb Chops about four times before I received one.  Brazeiros also offer Leg of Lamb but I didn't try any.  Served family style were mashed potatoes, polenta and sautéed bananas offered in most Brazilian churrascarias.  

And on to the dessert choices.   One of our guests wanted the flan.   I asked my server to surprise me with a great dessert.  He really surprised me when he delivered two flan to the table.   Looks like he wasn't that interested in suggesting any of the other desserts.  Also, NY Cheese Cake, Creme Brule, Chocolate Eruption Cake were also available.  Brazeiros have a large selection of after dinner drinks but we were never offered any.  I would have expected the server to sell the menu but it appeared they were just interested in getting the table cleared for the next seating.  While we were enjoying our evening, we witnessed four separate tables be seated, dine and race out the door.  Dining really can be a fun evening of cocktails, conversation and enjoying each others company.  

I would return to Brazeiros but it will remain a special event as I couldn't eat like this on a regular basis.  They are open Tuesday-Friday for lunch and every evening for dinner.   Full Bar Available.  

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