Monday, July 16, 2012

Marlin & Ray's Seafood Bar & Grill--Knoxville


The Only thing missing is Dock Front Dining!


This Lovell Road restaurant has had many occupants and they haven't made it.   After eating here, Marlin & Ray's probably have the best chance!  Good Food....great prices and a location right off the interstate.  So easy to get to.  What else would you need?

The Distinctive Marquee
We arrived on a Saturday about 6PM.  Very busy parking lot but we managed to find many spots behind the restaurant.  Our hostess immediately took our name and informed us there would be a 20 minute wait.  I suggested we sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail while waiting.   Our barkeep was ready to serve and we enjoyed conversation while she poured.  She sat our drinks on the bar and our hostess came immediately to tell us our table was ready.   So much for waiting 20 minutes.  

Tasty Cornbread Jalapeno Bites
The Bottomless Salad Bowl
Our server immediately approached our table with Cornbread Jalapeno mini muffins and a bottomless salad bowl.  Both were very good but I was a little disappointed at the lack of jalapeno flavor.    It was there but very mild.   Nothing spicy  at all.  I overheard nearby tables complaining about the spicy food Marlin & Ray's served....but I guess they were not used to dining out.  

My first choice for appetizers was the Thai Chili Shrimp at full of flavor and the shrimp were cooked to perfection...nice and crispy.   I could have made a meal out of this selection. 

Our other appetizer choice was the Garlic Scampi Mussels with a great dipping sauce at 6.99.  A great choice to enjoy!

 We scoured the menu for our entre├ęs and observed some of the other dining choices coming out of the busy kitchen.  We came for seafood but the steaks were looking and smelling very good.   So..our choice was narrowed down to the Rib Eye Steak with the addition of a Shrimp Skewer and the Petite Sirloin with  the addition of Snow Crab legs.   Both dishes were cooked as we requested.   A perfect choice.  

The Rib Eye Steak & Broccoli

The Petite Sirloin and Green Beans

Snow Crab Legs

We completed our great dinner with our server's suggestion of the 

Blondie with Ice was the best.  

The Blondie with Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce

 We will be returning very soon to enjoy more of their reasonable Seafood Choices.  
This will become a must do dining stop, so I hope they enjoy continued success at this location.  
Now I wish they were open for lunch during the week.  Marlin & Ray's are open for lunch Saturday and Sunday.  

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