Thursday, August 23, 2012

Josh's On Union Square--Hickory

An unexpected road trip carried me from Knoxville, TN to Raleigh, NC via I-40.   My halfway mark happened to be in Hickory, NC and it was time for lunch.    My first thought was to grab my phone and check out the Urbanspoon app.  When traveling, I make it a point to try the number one restaurant in any area, if available.  


Josh's on Union Square was the spot I had to try.   I had never been to Hickory and was filled with a great treat.  The downtown area is beautiful.  As with all towns, the rail tracks travel right through the city-center.   The Train Station House appeared to be used in the past and now is being remodeled and restored.   I stopped on Wednesday and the Farmer's Market had gathered to sell their wares.     

When I entered the busy restaurant scene at Josh's, the Maitre D' was busy for a moment but immediately noticed my arrival.  He spoke and told me he would be right back....and he was.  He seated me directly in front of the open kitchen area on a high top table.   Josh was busily preparing many meals for the crowd.   My waitperson approached and took my drink order.  Upon returning, I asked for Josh to surprise me with my lunch choice.

What a surprise....Beef Tips and Mushrooms with a Caesar Salad

The Beef Tips were so tender that I didn't need a knife....and so flavorful.   What a treat to 
enjoy with the fresh salad.  I also enjoyed a glass of the house Merlot that was spot on.  

To finish the lunch meal, the chef suggested the Pecan Pie Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream.   Warm, wonderful and the pastry was perfect.   The Maitre D' returned to my table with a bit more wine to enjoy with my dessert.    

Josh's on Union Square will definitely be a spot I would return to 
and suggest this destination for any foodie!

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