Tuesday, December 16, 2014

GW Fins--New Orleans

What an Evening of Wonderful Dining!

Made our reservations via Opentable many months ago for a pre cruise dinner in New Orleans.  We were sailing out of the Port of New Orleans on the Carnival Elation for a five day trip to Mexico.  
As we arrived early, our greeters immediately seated us at a perfect table.  

GW Fin presented us with their signature biscuit..no dinner rolls here.   They were light, fluffy and very good.   Something you wouldn't expect in a fine dining restaurant.  

Ryan, our server began our enjoyment with the perfect martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives...boy...they were good.  

Our next presentation were the salad course....a great Caesar Salad and the Triple Iceberg Salad.   It was divided into three segments each topped with Shrimp/Basil, Tomato/Thousand Island and Bacon/Bleu Cheese.  So good!

On to our appetizer course....Grilled Oysters on the Half Shell and Yellowfin Crudo.   The oysters were the best I have ever enjoyed.  The Yellowfin Crudo featured beautiful Yellowfin....and accompanied with Tempura fried Avocado....just a very interesting presentation.  Loved it.  

Oysters on the Half Shell

YellowFin Crudo
...and on to the entrées!

Wood Grilled Redfish with Blue Crab Fritters

Red Snapper with Lobster Butter

Ryan outdid himself with the suggestions....I have never had a dish presented that didn't need table seasonings...my dish was perfect.

To complete our evening.... fabulous desserts!
Salty Malty
The Ban-illa!!
What a treat to dine at GW Fin's....I would recommend this place to anyone!!

Rated #3 restaurant in New Orleans by TripAdvisor  

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