Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Collage--St. Augustine

Outstanding Dining Ahead
I have been salivating about dining at Collage for more than six months.  OpenTable secured my reservations and our request was met.  

We arrived a few minutes early expecting to enjoy a great martini...but to our disappointment, they do NOT serve liquor....only wine and beer.   My dining companions do not drink wine or beer so they were left with water, tea or coffee.  

Roasted Garlic Spread

Our server began with my glass of wine and brought their rolls and roasted garlic to the table.  While enjoying, we browsed the menu.   My friend chose the Escargot for their appetizer....Tender Snails Sautéed With Mushrooms And A Brandy Cream Sauce Served In A Puff Pastry Shell.  


On to the entrées!    Fresh Black Grouper--Lightly Coated In A Parmesan, Pecan & Brown Sugar Crust Then Baked. Finished With A Beurre Blanc, Diver Caught Sea Scallops-- Pan Seared Scallops Over Butternut Squash Puree And Brussel Sprout Chiffonade Finished With House Cured Bacon Lardons, Bartlett Pear And Pomegranate Gastrique and Homemade Lobster Ravioli-- Lobster Stuffed Ravioli With Sautéed Shrimp In A Pesto Cream Sauce & Topped With A 5 Oz. Lobster Tail.

Each of our entrées were perfectly prepared...outstanding flavors.  
Collage current and  complete menu available at    

Collage has a great selection of Seafood, Beef and Poultry

Our evening concluded with the delicious Coconut Ice Cream 
and their Special Dessert Bougainvillea---A Special Dessert Of Strawberries 
Sautéed In Butter & Black Pepper, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 
& Cabernet Vanilla Sauce In A Crispy Phyllo Cup 

I would highly recommend Collage .....worth every moment of dining enjoyment.  

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The One and Only Columbia!

I shouldn't call it the "one and only" since they have other locations throughout Florida!  We have 
enjoyed the Tampa location and really do miss the St. Petersburg location since the pier
has been torn down.   Hope they can rebuild soon.    
This was my first time to enjoy the St. Augustine location.  

My first trip to The Colombia in St. Augustine was wonderful.  The building has been created to echo a Spanish much dark woodwork and brick.   Very beautiful interior.   The First Floor is expansive but we chose to sit in the Bar Area on the second level.  


Our Server, Jonah was quick to greet and get our cocktail orders.   Soon, the famous Cuban Bread was delivered to our table.  Quite a treat to say the least.    

We enjoyed wonderful food including Pompano "Lido Key", Redfish with Crab and Grilled Fresh Florida Grouper with their wonderful Rice and Green Peas.  

Our entire evening was so enjoyable and the price 
just couldn't be beat.  I find their entrées to be 
reasonably priced...great value and full of flavor.  

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