Friday, July 3, 2015

China King Buffet and Grill

China King Buffet and Grill

Very Good Buffet and Sushi Bar

Never have been a fan of the buffet concept of dining.   I really like to have my server handle everything and that keeps me from jumping up and down for every course.  That being said, I did have to try the China King Buffet in Lenoir City, TN today.   All you can eat....$7.25 per adult and don't forget to ask for your senior discount that they offer.   I didn't realize they offered it until after I had paid.  The gentleman behind me asked for his.   Quizzed the cashier and she told me I didn't look old enough...but I assured her that I was.   I will ask next time and there will be a next time soon.  

Off for my first trip....Hot/Sour Soup

Their version of Hot Sour left me disappointed.   The overall richness and flavor just was didn't have the full flavor that most have.  

The Salad Bar

Overall....the salad bar was very good...many fresh choices including Peel 'n Eat Shrimp and fresh oysters.   Being a non "R" month, I passed on the oysters.  
Loved the Crab Salad that was on the bar but the shrimp was too small to peel. 
They were just a mess and I gave up on trying...just too small to enjoy.  

The Main Course Choices.....

I know they are trying to appeal to all age groups including the kids.   Mac N Cheese and hot dogs were available...along with what they called Butter Potatoes.  Keep the kids happy after all.  

My first go 'round included the best Beef/Pepper Stir Fry I have had in a long time.  Enjoyed the fried rice, and the General Tso's Chicken.....really good.  Egg Roll...I would pass on.  
S/S Chicken was very good along with the Shrimp Cake.  

My second is an all you can eat Buffet!! included green beans, 
BBQ Skewer, very good, Black Pepper Chicken, out of this world good and 
the Coconut Chicken was even better.  

There were many other items on the buffet that I didn't try...but that doesn't mean I will not be back to give them a try also.   And I must add.....the Sushi and Hibachi Grill was also included in the buffet!

In addition to all that is offered, they featured a dessert bar and self serve ice cream, (you dip it yourself, not soft serve).   What a great deal and I can see why the place was packed!

Open Daily.....10:30AM until 11PM!

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