Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outback Steak House--Chicago

While on the road, we stayed at the Spring Hill Suites in Chicago off Higgins Road.   Unaware that Outback was at this location since Urbanspoon didn't have it listed.   Must be new?....but it was very convenient having Outback on the hotel property.   No driving, since we had a long haul of 500 miles that day.   Didn't appeal to get back in the car and drive any further.  

We sat in the high top tables in the bar.  At that point, we enjoyed the service of two different servers...actually, it became a little confusing since both were trying to help us.  Finally, the server that was suppose to be helping us was established.  

The traditional bread and salads arrived while we enjoyed 
a few margaritas and beer.   Well prepared salads
with dressing.  

We both had our server recommend the Rib Eye Steaks, medium rare.   The suggestion was spot on.  My plate was accompanied with mashed potatoes while others enjoyed the steak with broccoli.  



When it comes to chain dining, you always can depend on Outback Steakhouse.  Whether in Florida, Tennessee or Chicago, you just can't miss with the dependability of a their operations. Outback doesn't provide the BEST STEAK you have ever enjoyed, but you can't go wrong with their consistency. 

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