Saturday, October 6, 2012

DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen--Gulf Shores

Last Friday night took us to DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen in Gulf Shores, AL.   Our Host at the hotel had suggested the restaurant since we wanted seafood...what else could you want to eat in Gulf Shores?    As we entered the front door and approached the Host Station, I noticed the carpet was a little shop worn.  

Our server approached us in the busy dining room.  She took our drink orders and we decided to try the fried green tomatoes.  They were lacking flavor and remained very "flat" tasting.  I needed to look at them to really know what I was eating since I couldn't tell otherwise. 

Plain and ordinary for an appetizer
We enjoyed our drinks and studied the menu.   Sitting in the dining room, I was struck how it reminded me of being in a  church basement dining room.   This was nothing I would have expected in a twenty dollar entrée restaurant.  

  The atmosphere and ambiance was totally lacking

Our salads arrived....tasty but once again, a very ordinary salad....iceberg lettuce,  one cherry tomato, a slice or two of red onion and boxed croutons.   I requested blue cheese dressing and that was exceptional.  The dressing made the salad enjoyable. 

Our server assured us the grouper would be very good....and she was right.  It was some of the best seafood I have enjoyed in some time.  They really did an outstanding job with our entrées.  DeSoto's redeemed their reputation!    Both were well prepared and enjoyable 'til the last bite! 

Fried Grouper with very tasty vegetables
Paneed Grouper with Bearnaise Sauce....SO GOOD!

I would enjoy returning to dine at DeSoto's on our next trip but I feel that a lunch time visit 

would fit the bill.  Out dinner tab was a little pricy for such a lack of decor. 

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