Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hazel's Nook--Gulf Shores

The One and ONLY!!


My first trip to Gulf Shores for a long weekend vacation took me to Hazel's Nook for breakfast.  Wow....if I didn't know better I would have though I had just walked into Mel's Diner.   Vickie and the entire staff were friendly, loquacious, and a bit over the edge with their comments.  

We sat down and immediately had a full cup of coffee.  Vickie suggested the breakfast buffet but we chose to order off the menu.   I have never been a fan of buffets...just don't like the up and down getting my own food.   I asked if we order off the menu, are they going to go over to the buffet and get my hash browns and bacon.  Vickie told us that everything would be prepared for us.  

Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns and Link Sausage

Over Easy, Hash Browns and great bacon

 Service was prompt and well prepared.   Loved the bacon..crispy just like I prefer.  Hash browns would have been a little better if left to crisp up on the grill.  English muffins and rye toast completed the meal under $20.00.  

Busy Breakfast Buffet Morning with Omelets prepared to order

 Good Place for Breakfast..would return on my next visit!


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