Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tosi's Restaurant--Stevensville, MI

One of my dreams has come true....dining at Tosi's Restaurant in Stevensville, MI.  After thirty years of anticipation, my dream has come true!  It was worth the wait.  

I traveled to Michigan with my good friend to see family, friends and attend a wedding in the area.   After the wedding festivities, we had already decided we would have our final Michigan meal at Tosi's.   I had no idea the setting would be as lovely as it was.

Upon entering, we viewed Mr. Tosi's Portrait.  A Gracious Staff immediately greeted our arrival.  

We arrived a little early and just had to enjoy a few beverages at their comfortable, lodge inspired lounge including some spectacular Chianti bottles over the bar.   

After cocktails, our Host escorted us to our table for five.  Since we were seated before 6PM, their 15% discount policy applied to regular menu items for we senior diners.   

One catch...YOU MUST place your order before 6 and we managed to make that happen.  Nice to get a discount. 

Our Server, Kathy immediately greeted us and we left the rest in her capable hands.  She told us that she had been there for many years, beginning her career at the tender age of 14 while her other family members had worked their way up to senior positions.  

The House and Caesar Salad looked very tempting.  My House arrived with their wonderful Bleu Cheese dressing and our friend's Caesar Salad arrived sans anchovies.   I enjoy anchovies and would have ordered them, but he declined!  

A wonderful selection of menu offerings included some outstanding meals!!   

The Baked Brie EnCroute was served with peach and raspberry sauces. 

Eggplant Parmesean so wonderful.  

The Chicken served with fresh Michigan asparagus.  

My Favorite...The House Specialty  Malfatti

Who can resist? 
So many pictures...not enough room but you can enjoy all of them here!  A memorable Dining Adventure I will never forget!  Thanks for a wonderful evening! 

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