Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don Gallo Mexican Grill--Knoxville

I have found it!!  
My NEW favorite Mexican restaurant in the Knoxville area!  

Don Gallo Mexican Grill has been open for two years now...but I was thinking Casa Don Gallo and this restaurant were the same....well, they  are similar but they are two separate operations.  

Miss M convinced me to try the  Hardin Valley location since she lives closer to this location than the Rocky Hill restaurant.    I was in the area she assured me I needed to try it.   Oh...I am glad that I did.  

We started off with the tortilla chips and red salsa.   Chips were warm and crisp but the highlight was the salsa.   Chunky, thick, well balanced seasonings with an overtone of sweetness.   The lime juice lingered in the background but the total taste was perfect for me!  

After enjoying the chips, we began the lunch menu search.   Miss M wanted to try the Carne Verde (beef with a tomatillo sauce)  and I had to have the Chimi con Carne.  

Carne Verde..nice mellow sauce

Chimi con Carne

The entrees were perfectly flavored, hot and delicious.   Frijoles and rice also were some of the best I have ever tasted.   Usually, the rice is something I find added to the plate like parsley and I don't eat it.   This rice was great to the last grain.  

Cocktails, beer and wine are now available.   Some of the Knox county liquor laws are antiquated at best, but they are coming around.    On a cooler day, their outdoor patio looks inviting..but today at 97F...we HAD to sit inside.    

Nice Patio

The Entrance off Hardin Valley Road at the Pellissippi Freeway

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