Thursday, July 29, 2010

The New Holland Brewing Company--Holland, MI

What a beautiful city that Holland, MI offers.   While visiting my son, daughter and grandson, they suggested we have lunch at one of their favorite restaurants.   The city is very "walkable" and off we left for a great lunch.  

They suggested New Holland, a brew house and dining.   We arrived about 11:30AM and the place was moderately filled.    By the time we left the place was packed with business people, Hope College students and numerous tourists.   

Loved the causal dining space

Our hostess immediately seated us and our server promptly appeared to take our drink order.   She suggested their current brew but we selected water and iced tea.  She was very quick...but as the room filled for lunch, her presence became sparse.  We were not ignored, by any means, but it did take a couple of hands raised to get her attention.  

We ordered the Vegetarian Ciabatta,  The Brew House Salad and a small House salad with smoked Turkey added.  Our little one had the grilled cheese from the children's  menu.    Very fresh and quickly served!  

The Smoked Turkey

The Brew House Salad

The Vegetarian Ciabatta with Potato Salad

We didn't order desserts since our lunch portions were more than enough!  Maybe next time.  

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