Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mountain Lodge--Gatlinburg

I had the best roasted chicken club today!! It was under six bucks.....and made with REAL HOME MADE wheat bread. Plate filled with chips. 

My vegetarian guest had the Pinto Bean bowl with corn bread, out of this world biscuits and rolls...lots of butter. Cole Slaw on the side for both of us. This WAS the epitome of real Southern food. And we were in Gatlinburg! 

Enjoyed the lunch..but wish that I had tried the daily meat loaf special with two sides...this choice under 7 bucks. They serve a daily lunch special every day. Open for early breakfast and close at 3PM.   No dinner show here....get here early for the fried chicken, scrambled eggs and mouth watering biscuits and gravy!  

Mountain Lodge is out on the east parkway...not near the "hub bub" of Gatlinburg and this is why the "locals" eat here.  Parking can be hard to aquire...but the effort is worth it.  When they say "homemade"...they mean it.   Cinnamon Rolls and Peach Cobbler will make you drive 50 miles to enjoy.  

Look for the Marquee heading out of Gatlinburg to Newport....on the left across from the banks.  

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