Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pottery House Cafe & Grille--Pigeon Forge, TN

I am not one to seek out dining in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN  area.   During the spring and summer season, the tourist business makes the trip very slow.  One of my clients requested that I come to the area, so I made the trip.   After finishing our meeting, she suggested that we go to her favorite restaurant.   I asked where...and she told me Pottery House Cafe & Grille.   I had never heard of this place since it is in the heart of Pigeon Forge, the outlet shopping mecca of East Tennessee.

My first though....there won't be any place to park.   We drove to the restaurant and in front of us was our parking place...right in front of the restaurant.   After looking at the building, I was impressed.   Very beautiful architecture.  This building originally was the showroom of prominent potter and craftsman Douglas Ferguson.  This residence has been carefully renovated to maintain its architectural integrity and significance.  The Old Mill along with other features draw a large tourist  crowd and the attraction is very nice.

The Entrance

The Entrance is a beautiful park like setting....very comfortable with large shade trees and well manicured plantings.

Now getting on to the food.  We were promptly greeted and requested a table on their beautiful patio.   It was a little warm and humid, but the shade trees provided a luxurious setting.     We proceeded with the Lunch Menu.   Dinner is served from 4 until 9PM. 

I had to try the Quiche du jour which was the traditional Quiche Lorraine.  My dining companion choose the tomato soup and half club sandwich.   The very first thing I noticed when our food arrived was the aroma of the tomato was heavenly scented.  Thick and rich.   The club sandwich featured Layers of Ham & Turkey with Apple Smoked Bacon, Swiss & American on their home made Multi Grain Bread.   Quite a treat.    The Quiche on the other hand was nice...but the crust was a little industrial.   It just didn't appear to be made on premises.   The flavors of the filling were good...and the side salad with full of flavor.  

Tomato Soup with Half Club

Quiche Lorraine with House Salad

When we entered the restaurant, the front counter displayed their dessert choices of the day.   I was a little put off on their display method.   All the desserts were covered in plastic...looked like the cafeteria food at an elementary school.  They need to work on this.   

All in all, the food and ambiance was comfortable.   I liked the food but I wouldn't make a special trip to return unless I was in the area.   The Lunch Menu was a value and they also feature a children menu.  Beer & Wine also available.  

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