Thursday, June 10, 2010

Casa Don Gallo--West Knoxville

The Entrance

I have enjoyed a few lunches and dinners at Casa Don Gallo.   The reason is good food and very moderate costs!   Today's experience was no exception.  

Most of the times for lunch, it has been quiet and enjoyable.   Today was the exception since school is out.   The place was packed with mothers and their children.  Very the point I though I was in the sixth row of the West Hills Elementary school bus.  That didn't deter my enjoyment.  

Nice Chips and Good Salsa

The serving staff is very prompt even when "slammed" with customers.  My server was quick, charming with all guests even though some were being very demanding.   He deserved a medal for his tack and valor.  

Huevos Rancheros
My lunch plate of Huevos Rancheros was delivered very quickly.  I was a little disappointed the eggs were over cooked.  I enjoy this dish with the eggs "sunny side" up.  But that didn't detract from the flavor. The Rancheros "sauce" was flavorful, but I needed to add a couple of dashes of salt.   Rice and beans were served as a modest portion but for the Lunch Special price of $6.54 including tax.  I find it to be  very reasonable for a West Knoxville lunch.   

Casa Don Gallo has a very cheery interior.   Nicely decorated and very welcoming.   I enjoy this place...and will continue to patronize this friendly restaurant.  

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