Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chez Guevara--Knoxville

What a Welcome!  As soon as we entered Front Door, a charming hostess jumped  to her feet to greet us.....warm, friendly but not gushing.  I had not been to Chez Guevara since the transformation from LaPaz.  And that has to be at least 15 years?....can't remember, but it has been a very long time.  

Being Father's Day, I was concerned about the three of us being seated promptly.  We were immediately escorted to the main dining room and all the great memories of LaPaz returned...including seeing staff members that were still present.  

The very colorful Dining Room has remained exactly the same....and as soon as they delivered the chips and salsa, I knew that we would be enjoying another incarnation of LaPaz.   Their verde salsa was just as remembered but I believe they have improved the red sauce with a more smoky chipolte  flavor.   The salsa was rich &  flavorful.   We all enjoyed the hotter version they make.  

We started with a carafe of margaritas.  That went quickly and we needed to order another carafe.   They were good...but I was a little taken back when we received our bill and the two carafes were $45.00.  A little pricey for me.  

Our server was attentive and helps us order our entrees.   We three ordered the Puebla, ($10.95) a chicken dish with mole, The Cozumel, ($10.95) a pork verde burrito,  spinach enchilada, and a chili relleno.    I chose the Zapnins,  ($11.95) a deep fried chimi with King Crab.  We all were pleased with the flavors but the presentation was disheveled.   The plates arrived quickly from the kitchen, but looked a little messy. 

King Crab Chimi with Rice & Frijoles

All in all, the food was good...but not what I would call exceptional Mexican cuisine.  I would go back for lunch, if I was in the area...but unfortunately, they are not open for lunch.   


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