Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ming Tree--Knoxville

Ming Tree is very OUT of our way...but so convenient when motoring to McGee/Tyson Airport.  They are just across the busy Alcoa Highway.  

My last visit was more than a year ago and I looked forward to a return visit.  This recent experience was OK...but nothing stellar.  With today's visit, I didn't see any Asian employees...most appeared to be Mexican or local Alcoaians. 

The traditional choices for Asian food it to have the Hot/Sour Soup and an Egg Roll.  Our server delivered right on schedule..but my...the soup was lacking on all fronts.  Temperature wise, it was fine the the "hot" and the "sour" just simply missing.  The soup lacked any sense of flavor.   The egg roll remained very institutional in appearance..almost appearing factory made.  Flavor was minimal. 

Hot/Sour Soup

Egg Roll

Orange Beef

Kung Pao Chicken
On to our entreés...which were Kung Pao Chicken and Orange Beef.  The Chicken was very good.  We both enjoyed the flavors.  And on to the Orange Beef.  No orange flavor....not spicy at all and the beef was large chunks of tough beef.  I did manage to chew through it all but I must say this would have to be my last trip to the Ming Tree.  

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