Sunday, April 22, 2012

Habana Cafe--Gulfport

One of my dining goals in St. Pete this year was the Habana Cafe.  I have been wanting to eat here for a number of years.   The reason not for stopping sooner is the crowded parking.  The restaurant sits on a major thru street and it is busy, busy.    We were driving by and there was an empty parking spot right in front!!   Time to get in there before the spot was gone.  

Habana Cafe is a busy place since they also have a cigar lounge in the back.  You do NOT have to walk through there if you are sensitive.  So glad that Florida like Tennessee is now non smoking in restaurants.  

The first floor was packed but we were escorted to the balcony for an immediate table. 

The Nightly Special Menu
Our server was a pleasant and attentive person.  She immediately returned to the table with drinks, etc.   We chatted about the menu and my friend wanted the Cuban Sandwich.  It looked very good.   I was in an adventurous mood and asked my server to surprise me with their choice. 

Spanish Salad
Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green olives, feta cheese, and Parmesan cheese with our special salad dressing

And for my surprise!


 The Habana Cafe's Sampler Platter turned into one of my favorite meals in the whole area!   In the top left was sautéed chicken with a creamy dill sauce.  (This was also featured in the Daily Special Menu above).  Wonderful flavor.   Next, on the top right, was the roast pork with the traditional Mojo sauce.  The bottom left was the shrimp in a nice butter/caper sauce.  Rice and freshly chopped onion for the black beans in the center finished off the perfect Cuban meal.    My server finished off the treat with Cream Cheese Flan......and all of this was only $16.95!    Can't wait to try this restaurant again....and soon.  

Fun Place and Great Food

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