Friday, July 1, 2011

Surin of Thailand--Knoxville

I don't know where to start....Surin of Thailand has to be one of the best full flavored Thai restaurants I have ever had the "joy" to enjoy!   Smart interior design....quick, friendly and well trained wait staff...our server knew everything about the menu.  

Surin of Thailand, with six other locations in Birmingham, AL and Hattisburg, MS have an extraordinary and expansive menu.   It was a treat to pour over the pages...and we didn't even get to the sushi.   Neither Miss M or I like sushi so that wasn't what brought us in to devour lunch.  

We began our adventure with Nam-Sad....fresh ground pork loin blended chili peppers, ginger, onions, fish sauce, peanuts, and lime juice. Served with crisp cabbage  for $7.   A great appetizer for sharing.   Just a word of is very spicy hot but the crisp cabbage cooled the flavors.

Our patient server let us browse and chat while we enjoyed the Nam-Sad.   We finally made our decisions and Miss M chose the Lunch Special of Macadamia Trout  for $11..a boneless filet of trout encrusted with bread crumbs and macadamia nuts, Pan-seared and topped with a special ginger soy sauce. Served with a side of stir-fried spinach and tomato salsa.  The tomato salsa was a lively collection of flavors.  Included with the Lunch Special is a nice Cup of Tofu Coconut Soup that is available as dine in only. 

Macadamia Trout
Tofu Coconut Soup
I chose the Cashew Nut Chicken which is also available with Tofu, Pork Loin, Lean Beef, or Mix Veggie for $10.  It was so good and served with a side of sticky rice.  

Cashew Nut Chicken

Surin of Thailand features a Sushi Bar but we don't do sushi! 

Nice interior....well executed. 

We loved Surin and will be back very soon.  There are just too many other things to sample...and that could keep us busy for quite some time.

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