Monday, July 18, 2011

Asahi Japanese Grill--Lenoir City

Asahi Japanese Grill in Lenior City  is a very good restaurant that was just under my radar!   I had never noticed this place until last week.   But then again, I have never been one to seek out Japanese restaurants.   I believe the last time I dined in one was over fifteen years ago in Nashville.  We sat around a grill with a wild eyed "samurai chef" who wielded a machete, pepper grinders and other unknown cooking utensils.   He tried to throw food in your mouth as if we were a bunch of trained seals.   Didn't care for that type of restaurant entertainment.

A couple of friends suggested that we return for lunch since they had good prices and very good food.   I didn't know exactly what to expect.    The Menu looked very appetizing.

I asked my server what they enjoyed...always a good indicator when they immediately suggest.  When a server starts to hem and haw,  I know that most likely they are not a fan.   They suggested the Chicken and Shrimp for $7.95.   It was so good....I loved everything about the dish.  All entrées and combination plates are served with Rice and vegetables.   Nice flavors but I found the broccoli and zucchini  a little over cooked and limp.   Flavor was great though.   Also, they included their Asahi Sauce, a tasty condiment.   I believe it was a combination of mayo, little paprika, maybe a touch of Tabasco.   It added a great flavor addition to the plate.  

Chicken & Shrimp with Fried Rice

Here is a place that I will return...maybe even twice this week!!!

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