Monday, July 11, 2011

Beverly's La Croisette--St. Pete Beach

There are too many places for breakfast in St. Pete!  Great places...bad places, expensive places...and the cheap joints.  Really good ones are few and far between.   Time to try a new place and one good indicator is the lines.    If luck is running in your favor, you might  get in, get seated and beat the lines.   We were lucky at Beverly's La Croisette. 

Our server was immediately to our table with coffee in hand.  She was ready to take our order, but we had only spent  twenty seconds to look at the menu.   We needed to look a little further.  

The Florida Omelet
The Florida Omelet featured Avocado, Tomato Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream for $6.95.  Nice creamy grits and it was good to get the rye toast without the usual over "buttered" bread.   I prefer it dry and will add what I want at the table.

The Eye-Opener

I chose the Eye-Opener Breakfast special....two eggs over easy, extra crispy country fries, crisp bacon and rye toast for $4.95.   Great deal for great food.  We will be heading back here for sure!!  

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