Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pia's Trattoria--Gulfport

When I walked by this lovely setting, I was so impressed.  Then we discovered it was an Italian restaurant.   Pia's Trattoria--time to venture in for supper.     We didn't have reservations but after walking in the entrance, we were greeted and immediately seated.  Lovely table by the window and even with the monsoon rain we have endured, the setting was comfortable.  Our server did approach our table, took our drink order.   Immediately, the restaurant filled with a private party and the staff was overwhelmed.  They did handle things but we did have a little wait for our drinks to arrive.   Nothing objectionable, by any means.

Comfortable Lounge with Dining Tables to seat 20
We browsed the menu while enjoying our imported Moretti Beer. The Italian Platter for $9.50 featured Imported Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano, lightly sugar coated grapes and olive oil to dip served with grilled Italian garlic ciabatta bread.  

Italian Platter
Our Di Bologna $13.95 featured the special Meat Sauce covered the perfectly cooked Penne.  Also we enjoyed the Pesto Rosso $12.50 with spicy red pesto based on sun dried tomatoes and hazelnuts. 

Di Bologna with Penne

Pesto Rosso with Spaghetti

All in all, the pasta was a perfect al dente.   They did a nice job getting our plates to the table without soggy pasta...a major plus for Pia's.   A nice bottle of wine was suggested by our server.  We enjoyed Spalletti Chianti 2007.  

Now for the major pet peeve I have about ANY restaurant.   Menu Typos!!   There is no excuse for that to happen....EVER!    If you don't have the time to do it right....when will you ever find the time to correct a blatant error.   Pia's...a prominent Italian Restaurant spelling Italian wrong!    The food was very good and it will not deter us from returning.  Just disappointed with their oversight. 

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