Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buffalo Mountain Grille--Oak Ridge

The Buffalo Mountain Grille has good food.  The Urbanspooners have voted 100% "LIKE" so they must be do something  right!   Their expansive menu was quite the read...but worthy of the time it took.   I found many items that will have to be enjoyed on the next visit.  

This is a very casual restaurant with specials on the chalkboard.  The sign at the entrance tells  you to take a menu and seat yourself.  I did...but it took five minutes or more  for a waitperson to notice they had customers.  

Today's choice was their Chef Salad since is was a warm day and nothing "hot" sounded good.    The menu stated sliced ham and sliced turkey, bacon, tomato etc, but I didn't really see any turkey on the plate.  BUT...there was more than enough of tasty ham, I didn't miss the turkey.   When my server was bringing my plate to the table.....I has shocked to see they had included a corn dog...that is exactly what I though it looked like.   They placed the place in front of me and I looked and had to ask about it.   Not a corn dog...but a wonderful mozzarella stuffed deep fried bread stick.   It was light and fluffy and the cheese was perfectly melted.  AND it was not at all greasy....actually very good.   My diet surely didn't need it..but I just had to eat it with the Chef Salad. 

All in all...

it was a good lunch.   

Not great but very good
with a small price of $7.29.  

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The Entrance is rather unpretentious...but that 
didn't detract from the food!

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