Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hacienda Degollado--Oak Ridge

Our last trip to Hacienda Degollado was a few months back at the end of February.    As I recall…the food was fresh and well prepared.   My usual choice at this restaurant is the  Carnitas plate….great roasted pork chunks, rice and frijoles.   Always good and I really enjoy that meal. 
Last evening it was time for something different.    We were seated and immediately served chips and salsa.   Good crisp tortilla chips and the salsa was mildly spicy.   I would enjoy it a little more spice but it could have been a little more robust.    A pitcher of top shelf margaritas immediately was brought to our table to enjoy.  Nice…and for the price, a very good deal. 
Tonight deserved some menu searching for a different dish.   We decided on Enchiladas Suizas con Carne and Enchiladas con Camarones.   We enjoyed our margaritas and chips while we waited for our meal.   My Camarones arrived quite promptly and we waited …..And waited….and waited for the Enchiladas Suizas.  They finally arrived but I have a real problem with a kitchen that can’t serve all meals at the same time.   There is no excuse for partial meals delivered to a table. 
Both of our plates were delicious….tender shrimp and very flavorful beef.  The Camarones had a nice touch with a very well seasoned papas inside the enchilada.    I personally will request the beef be “spiked” up a little with some chipotle powder.   It really was not hot enough for my liking. 
This is a restaurant with a very classy interior.  Unfortunately, the previous tenant didn’t spend or didn’t have an “eye” for a good looking interior. …but then again, most Mexican restaurants look a little shabby inside and out.   Hacienda Degollado has worked very hard to make the place look clean, attractive and enjoyable.   

Enchiladas Suizas con Carne
Enchiladas con Camerones

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Nice Decor

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