Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pecks Old Port Cove--Crystal River, FL

Old Florida is some of my fondest know, before Disney when streets and many roads were just dirt.   I recall Winter Park in the late '60's and I lived on a "dirt" street.   It was the way I remember Florida and wish that it still had that charm.  

But time and progress has advanced to paved roads and the road to Peck's Old Port Cove is exactly 9.3 miles from the "highway".   Actually, this hidden gem is quite a distance off the beaten path, but dining patrons have never forgot how good real seafood can taste.   Peck's delivers on that.  

We drove out last week and intentionally planned on dining after 8PM.   If you arrive at 5PM, might as well plan on waiting and waiting.  The restaurant will be packed for a reason...the FOOD IS OUTSTANDING.  

We started our feast with FishNet Onions....they are so good with a sharp horseradish dipping sauce.     Our server was quick to bring good iced tea and some great ice cold beer in pint canning have to remember this isn't Disney dining...this is major casual. 

Our next choice was the entree!   After pouring over the entire menu...I went back to the very item I had on my last visit....The Fried Shrimp Platter with Slaw, Fries and Hush puppies for $13.93.  My dining companion had the Combo platter with Shrimp, Scallops & Oysters with  Fries, Slaw and Hush puppies for $15.93.   All  the wonderful things on our plate were perfectly prepared, nothing over cooked!  Juicy, succulent seafood.  

Although I have not been here for lunch, Peck's features a wide variety of lunch specials including the Mate's Platter for $12.93, Golden Fried Chicken for $7.93 and Clam Fettuccine, Mussels Fettuccine, Clam Strips and Prime Rib.   Evenings also feature Prime Rib, New York Strip Steak, Rib-Eye Steak for $15.93.   A wide variety of sandwiches for a little less to eat feature Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, Oyster Burger, Hamburger Deluxe and Grilled Cheese and hot dogs for the younger diner!  Cocktails, Beer, Wine and draft are always available observing local beverage law.   

That brings me back to the mileage from the HWY 19 of 9.3 miles.   All menu items end in 93 cents.  A quirky little item but I just had to ask why all the menu items were priced this way.  

The Combo Platter

Golden Fried Shrimp Platter
After enjoying a great meal...we decided that dessert was not going to happen tonight but they did offer Ozella Lime Pie, Banana Split Pie, French Silk Pie and Cheesecake each for $4.93.   Maybe next time, I will save a little room to enjoy the Lime of my favorite Florida desserts.    All major credit cards accepted.

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