Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taste of Thai--Knoxville

Taste of Thai is the #2 Restaurant in Knoxville.   I have not been a fan of Thai food until recently.  I guess your taste buds change over time and am finding  enjoyment in the Thai flavors.  I was so bland. The most exciting I ever had in the past was Sweet & Sour Chicken...and that was about it.   I didn't even realize that Oriental food could be hot...and today's lunch of Pud Cha with Pork was hot....delicious and made me sweat before we were finished eating.    

My friend, Marilyn, is a big curry lover.    She was my encouragement to try this restaurant.   I am venturing into the  curry flavor palette since it hasn't appealed to me yet.   She ordered the Green Curry with Chicken.    The Taste of Thai doesn't serve hot food until you request it.   They have a five star rating with one star the mildest and the five the chart.   Marilyn loves hot, hot, she ordered her dish at a five.    My charming waitress reminded me that my dish starts at 3 star and I urged her to keep my dish at that  star level.   The entire lunch experience was great & we plan on revisiting this restaurant soon.  
The Main Dining Room

Pud Cha Pork with Rice

Green Curry Chicken with Rice

Tasty Eggroll
Taste of Thai is located at 213 North Peters Road, Knoxville, TN   Phone for take out at 865-691-4442 


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