Friday, April 23, 2010

New China Palace--Oak Ridge

I have lived in East Tennessee for 26 years....but never had stepped into the New China Palace in Oak Ridge.    I made a mistake missing this gem!

The Entrance was very attractive, spacious and accommodating.    Entering the Front Doors I was not immediately greeted but soon personnel escorted me to my table.   As we walked into the Main Dining Room...I had to gasp!  This has to be one of the most deluxe Oriental Dining Rooms in this area.  

The Dining Room even had white linen for lunch...too bad they didn't have the linen napkins to complete the elegant setting.  

The menu was quite extensive but I had to focus on the Lunch Menu.     My first opinion of any Chinese restaurant is their Hot/Sour Soup.  Of course, any restaurant that can't make a good daily soup probably doesn't know how to prepare anything else.    I ordered the Hot/Sour Soup, Sweet/Sour Shrimp and Eggroll.    Everything was good and the lunch choice was $7.25...a very reasonable price for the quality that was delivered.  

Hot/Sour Soup

Sweet/Sour Shrimp with Egg Roll

I must tell you about the Egg Roll.   I have never eaten an Egg Roll with so much ground was so different.  Most restaurants try to fill wonton wrapper with a tablespoon of bok choy and celery.   This Egg Roll was FULL of flavor and accompanied with the usual mustard and red sauce.    

All in all, this restaurant deserves another visit on my return to Oak Ridge.  

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