Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lotus Garden--Knoxville

I don't know what to say...was it bad food?   NO..  Was  the food good....NO.   Where do you go from here?  

We were rushed to order as soon as we arrived.   I had never been to the restaurant and I needed to study the menu.  I found the Thai selection to be limited.   Did they offer a "hotter" seasoning choice?  No.  This was just an ordinary Asian restaurant who didn't have the nerve to offer "real" Asian flavors.   It was almost like they were trying to be Polly Anna in their offerings.   Take a culinary stand... make a statement....define your menu...since I couldn't do that.  

The Hot Sour Soup was average.   Egg roll was included in lunch special and that was good, but had a sweet overtone.    I had never ordered Pad Thai before and decided I needed to expand my flavor palette.   The dish I received was bland, lacking flavor, and seasonings. I can throw a stone and hit three extraordinary Thai restaurants from this location.  Spark it up...you are just too ordinary...and I hate to keep returning to the word "ordinary" ...but your restaurant is just ordinary. 

Planned on taking a few photos for this contribution...but I didn't see anything that needed to be photo documented. 

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