Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aroma Cafe--Maryville

After heading back from the Smoky Mountains, I took a quick diversion trip through Maryville.   Close friends have commented  for quite sometime how good the Cuban Sandwich Aroma Cafe was serving.   I had to go see for myself.  After living in Miami and still have friends there, I know what a Cuban Sandwich should be.  

It was later and the lunch crowd had subsided.  The restaurant is a typical Cuban styled restaurant I would expect....counter, register and order your food.  They were featuring a few specials including BBQ Pork sandwich.  Struck me that a Cuban diner would be preparing BBQ but they assured me, they were using the Cuban flavored pork with sauce.   I can't imagine what that would taste like since East Tennessee BBQ and Cuban pork are as different as night and day.  

My sandwich arrived and the "aroma" was captivating.   Just as to be expected in Calle Ocho in Miami, (Little Havana).    A very large sandwich served with mojo, the traditional Cuban condiment.   I had to taste their mojo and enjoyed it much more than what I make.  Sometimes, I get a little timid on the flavorings, but their mojo was full flavored...very good.  

I was expecting to see sliced pork, sliced ham,...the usual, but what I received was pulled pork and ham.  There didn't appear to be any Swiss cheese but more of an American yellow cheese.   All in all, the sandwich was very good...nice bread and the right amount of pickles, etc.   For $6.95, this was a filling and tasty lunch sandwich.  

My next trip will be to enjoy their other offerings, including rice and black beans.   I almost ordered some..but the portions would be more than I could eat for lunch.   Lots of food for your dollar!

Nice Sandwich

Colorful Interior...Just like Miami!

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