Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Angelo's At the Point--Dandridge

Friends suggested a revisit to this restaurant.   Angelo's At the Point has experienced many changes, for the better I might add.  

The food is enjoyable and reasonably priced.   Unfortunately, the booth area is over lit with too much light.   Reminiscent of a church basement dining hall. 

We arrived to a pleasant host who immediately seated us and our server was quick to the table.  Drinks were delivered while viewing the menu.  Our server was attentive but not hovering.   As soon as we placed our menus back on the table, he appeared willing and able to answer questions.  

We both chose the house salad while they did suggest appetizers which we declined on.  Our  salads were fresh, crisp but just was iceberg lettuce.  The house prepared dressings were flavorful but my bleu cheese dressing was scant on bleu cheese pieces.  

For the entree...their Sirloin Chopped steak at $12.99 was a great deal.   This included your choice of side items ranging from mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, cole slaw and baked spinach.   I enjoyed the steak but the baked spinach, trying to be a poor imitation of the classic Spinach Maria, had an odd overtone.   The sauce tasted  like a packaged institutional soup mix.   I really didn't care for their version.    The mashed potatoes were passable but the star of the plate had to be the chopped sirloin.   Full of flavor indicating they do know how to grill steaks and chops.   I will be back to savor the rib eye steak next time we visit the area. 

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