Friday, June 5, 2015

Midtown Cafe--Nashville, TN


Lunch at Midtown Cafe was so good.   The interior color palette was soothing, modern and relaxing.  Opentable provided us with spot on reservations....and valet parking is mandatory since this is a very busy section of town and lots of construction going on.  As a matter of fact, the site next door provided a constant vibration throughout lunch.   Not much that Midway Cafe could do about it...but it was unnerving.     

We began with our server providing biscuits...which turned out to not be one of their fortés.  They were small and a little on the dry side.  But things improved dramatically as we proceeded.  

The first items to arrive at our table was their Lemon Artichoke and creamy in a creamy chicken stock. 

We also enjoyed the Spinach Salad and a house special of the day was a grilled chicken sandwich with ham and cheese on top with fries at $12.99.  

My server surprised me with their most popular dish served at Midtown Cafe.   Shrimp and Grits was spicy...very good and I would order the dish again.  

We were offered a extensive dessert menu but declined
since our lunch portions were very large.  Maybe next time.  

Make reservations since they fill up quickly!!

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