Friday, May 22, 2015

J J Ruby's Fine Food & Spirits--Ithaca, MI

J J Ruby's was recommended by my family on our recent visit.  
What made it even better was my dear cousins picked up the tab!!  
Nothing tastes better than free food....and this place delivered.    

Our servers were prompt and attentive to our large party of 14.   While they didn't have a single table to accommodate us, we had a six top and an eight top.  Two servers handled our impromptu visit without a reservation.   It was four in the afternoon, so they were able to help...while dining later or on a weekend might have been a problem.  

My tablemates enjoyed their fried fish offerings.   My sister enjoyed her cheeseburger...since that seems to be her meal of choice.   My server surprised me with their prime rib topped with onions and mushrooms.  The prime rib was reheated on a grill and had a slight smoky grilled flavor that was not at all objectionable...but it was not freshly sliced.    My smallish baked potato was very good in addition to the cole slaw that was served.  

Great Cheeseburger with Fries

Prime Rib with Grilled Onions and Mushrooms

We couldn't leave the table without desserts!!   We all chose
the pecan pie and toasted coconut cream pie.  The pastry crusts
were exceptional....home made for sure.  

J J Ruby's opens at Six AM and closes at Nine PM.  

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