Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bob Evans Restaurant--Piqua, OH

ON the road again...traveling to Michigan to visit.  Sad occasion with 
the passing of my last Uncle.  

Had to stop overnight in Piqua since I can't drive
all the way any more.  Just have to rest after a while 
when driving alone.  

Bob Evans was located just off I-75 exit 82 where my hotel was.   Getting up
early was not part of my plan..but I had to get back on the road again.  

Ordered the Eggs over easy....turkey sausage and country potatoes.   The 
potatoes were a little dry...but ketchup helps.   Nice English Muffin and
coffee was good.  Surprised to see they even offered sugar free Smuckers jam.  

Good food with very competitive prices

Large Mural in Entrance
Bob Evans Restaurants are completely predictable...enjoyed this visit just as I have at every Bob Evans.  

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