Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cinco Amigos--Lenoir City

Our favorite cuisine appears to be Mexican/Spanish/Cuban in influence...and it was time to search out a new place to dine.   I have heard of Cinco de Mayo II for quite a while and decided this was the night to enjoy a new vista and a new menu.  

We drove to what we believed would be Cinco de Mayo II but found out the name was changed.   OK...what is going on??    We arrived at the restaurant and found a place to park.    In all actuality, this is the BACK of the restaurant and you need to enter the restaurant in the rear.   Kind of confusing..but we worked this little detail out. 

After getting our was soon to discover we needed to park in the back of this restaurant that is connected to a motel, clustered in with Days Inn, Holiday Inn Express and another breakfast diner operation.  All worked out well and we found the entrance. 

Upon entering, the comfortable lounge was in front of us. 

Immediately, we were greeted by a friendly staff of hostesses and servers who escorted us to a comfortable booth.  Tortilla chips and a great salsa was brought to our table.   Looked like a pitcher of Top Shelf Margaritas was in order.  Our server immediately returned with a great presentation and two salt rimmed glasses. 

While enjoying our drinks and was on to the menu.   My first search on any Mexican menu is Carnitas and friends wanted to try their Enchilada Suizas.   These are two entrees that can make or break a Mexican restaurant, in my opinion. 

Enchiladas Suizas


Our entrees were delivered very promptly with the mandatory "HOT PLATE " from the server.   I guess I would be surprised if they didn't say that!!  The Enchilada plate was mildly flavorful...could have used a bit more seasonings.  My Carnitas were  crispy on the edges and juicy throughout.   Average rice and good beans accompanied the platter w/ pico de gallo and salad.  All in all, I felt the dishes were a little on the tame side..almost like they intentionally "Americanized" the flavors.    Across the room mas cervezas were in route to the table.    Mucho grande!  

Uno Cerveza Grande...  Ole!

Our pitcher of Top Shelf was very good...a little on the pricey side..(about 2200 pesos)....22 bucks in US dollars, but they were good.   Our total bill was very reasonable and this will be a place we both can return to without reservations!! get to the meat of the confusion concerning  the name of this restaurant.  It has been Cinco de Mayo II for seven years.   Somehow, a Nashville restaurant with the same name decided that the Lenoir City location was infringing on their right of use of this name.   We asked the owner upon leaving what was going on.  He informed us that due to mutual agreement, this location would change their name to Cinco Amigos, which happened about two months ago.   Everything appears to remain the same....good food and a place to enjoy on your next visit in Lenoir City...Exit 81 right off I-75. 

June, 2015 Update....Loudon, TN location will be opening in a few months per Dora and her husband.    

New Menu Appetizer--Jalapenos Loco

Fajita Salad with Beef

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