Friday, March 25, 2016

Casa Fiesta--Lenoir City

Casa Fiesta acquired the space of a dismal Chinese restaurant 

and BOY,  did they make a great transformation.  The Interior is beautiful...wonderful colors.  

I have been enjoying Mexican food for decades.....including many trips to Mexico.  Today, I enjoyed something that I have never had in a Mexican restaurant.    Everyone serves chips and salsa but today I was treated to complimentary frijoles con queso.  Their very good salsa was just perfect....nice chunky and good heat but not overpowering.  The full bar was enticing, but being lunch, I had to decline.    My diet soda was served quickly in a very large glass for $1.79 including refills.  My waiter kept everything full!  

Since this was a lunch visit, I chose the Lunch Specials on the back of the menu.  The regular menu looked very good and I know we will be back for a supper meal.   I chose the Fajita Salad with Steak @ $6.99.    It also was available with chicken but I am glad I chose the steak.   Perfect temperature served in a flaky almost pastry like tortilla bowl. was good.    I would highly recommend Casa Fiesta to anyone.   It was a little light on the lettuce...but that was OK.  

Casa Fiesta's Guacamole served atop was wonderful...I will be sure to order that as an appetizer with a supper meal and a margarita!  

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