Thursday, September 30, 2010

WokStar--Lenior City

As each week passes, I see the new trend of restaurants popping up.   That's right....walk up to the counter, order your food...and then search for a table.    With WokStar prices, I would expect a waitperson to greet and seat!   

Prices start about 8 bucks for lunch plate.  Every thing else is a la carte, four buck for two eggs rolls, ( I only wanted ONE but had to buy two), soup extra, brown rice extra.    This was NOT the lunch special I am used to seeing.  

On to the food, it was good, no complaints about that.    Need a refill...go get it yourself.   One visit was all I needed to determine that isn't my type of  non-service restaurant.     I paid for linen napkin service at a comparable restaurant but received drive thru attention.  

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