Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lemon Grass Thai & Sushi--Knoxville

What a beautiful restaurant and what a beautiful presentation of lunch!   The daily lunch special was probably one of the most attractively plated meals I have ever received.   Lemon Grass Thai & Sushi DOES it RIGHT. 

The Daily Lunch Box Special!  

Arriving at the door, the daily special was listed.    All this...for $7.95...I couldn't believe it.   The next overwhelming feature was the quality of the food.   Fresh....Hot and properly prepared.    Chicken with beans, Thai Tempura,  Coconut Vegetable soup..although the daily special board listed Tom Hum Kung Soup..they had sold out.  Also....the California Roll...House Salad with Ginger Dressing and Jasmine Rice.  I didn't believe that I could eat it all....but somehow, I managed!  The Chicken with beans was a perfect temperature and had just been prepared...and the flavor of the Coconut Vegetable Soup would knock your flip flops was so good. 

Coconut Vegetable Soup was pure velvet and chocked full of flavor

The Entrance, stuck in the middle of the Cedar Bluff Shopping Mall was a little underwhelming, but the interior was one of the nicest Asian restaurants in this area.    Beautiful, to say the least...and the white table cloth draped tables also was a treat. 

The Entrance

The Sushi Bar

The Wine and Beer Service Area
Lemon Grass Thai and Sushi serves wine and liquor, but I haven't really found a cocktail I prefer with Thai food. 

Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

I would highly recommend this place as a NOT MISS won't be sorry...oh, and one last thing, I find that if you pay CASH, you receive a 5% discount.   Lemon Grass Thai does accept Debit and Credit but do feature the cash discount.    Seems to be a trend with many restaurants "up north". 

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