Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tanasi Golf & Country Club--Tennessee

Once again, I returned to visit the Tanasi Clubhouse for lunch.   And it is a beautiful waterfront golf and marina.  So nice to sit with friends and enjoy a glass of wine, beer or cocktail.   That is hard to do in these parts, since much of Loudon County is dry.  ...No liquor allowed.   But The Clubhouse has a special dispensation to serve liquor since they qualify as a private club.  

A beautiful day was once again in East Tennessee...but the humidity prevents us from enjoying a waterfront experience.  Got to stay in the A/C just to maintain.  

While browsing over the menu, I had to return to one of my favorite selections the Club has to offer...their Hawaiian Chicken Salad.   Juicy chicken breasts sauteed and other wonderful things like fried wonton, toasted coconut, pineapple, water chestnuts and sliced almonds accompanied with the Poppyseed dressing.   This is just the perfect combination for a filling lunch.  The Cobb Salad and the Fajita Salad provides my friends with enjoyment also.   I do enjoy the menu choice of a regular size salad at eight dollars and the smaller plate at six dollars.   The menu also includes all kinds of sandwiches and wraps.  Another personal favorite is the Club Sandwich with Wheat bread at seven dollars.   All Sandwiches include their Tanasi fries.   I don't know what they do to them but they are extra crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside.   Tanasi serves a great french fry.   Cole slaw and other  side items are available to substitute for great fries.  

Hawaiian Chicken Salad

 You might want to check with the club before hand since different days of the week have the golf leagues and the place can become packed at lunch.   The  mens and  womens leagues play different times and parking can become difficult.  

If you plan around the league events, Tanasi provides a great inexpensive lunch and also offer great dinner meals from 5 until 9 PM.   

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