Monday, August 9, 2010


OK...this place has been on my "Wish List" for many a moon.   But I have discovered placing ANY restaurant on MY wish list will only provoke a stalker. 

Miss G and I were traveling today in Sevierville.   My very best friend, from the English Mountain area has raved over the Sunday Brunch and the Famous Pork Chops that are served by a very competent McClarnes  chef and Kitchen Staff.   

As soon as we arrived to the front Entrance....

 I excused my self.   Walking into the "facility", I began to understand the fun and whimsy this restaurant has to deliver!

McClarens has a VERY Scottish Pub feel....from the Front door to the great menu they present.    After looking around and listening to the 70's music, I felt comfortable.   Growing up in that era was just good...from Light My Fire by the Doors to The Magical Mystery Tour by the I never expected to hear in a Pub Setting, but it was ENGLISH after all.    

Great Tables and Spacious Booths for Six or More

We pored over the menu..and today's feature was a Black Bean Burger.  Sounded interesting, but after looking at the "regular" lunch menu, Miss G wanted to try the Sheperd's Pie with Broke Bread and I wanted to enjoy the Ham And Cheese Sub.   After a little debating, we decided on our choices.   The Shepard's Pie arrived at our table with an inviting presentation.     

Shepard's Pie with Broke Bread

I wanted to try the Ham & Cheese Sub...but watching the carbs....found out I could get the cold sandwiches in a "wrap".    Miss G was wild about her Pie...very tasty, cheesy and nice mashed potatoes atop!     I ordered the Ham & Cheese but requested the sandwich be served as a wrap....trying to cut the carbs of a sub roll.  As I began eating the half wrap, I though...this really doesn't taste like much.  As a matter of fact,....I don't believe it had any "flavor" at all.   A little disappointing, to say the least.    Also, I ordered a side salad with bleu cheese dressing instead of the other high carb offerings on the menu.  The second half of the wrap was removed and piled high on the balance of my house salad.  At this point, I began to taste the Ham and Cheese.   It was very good...I just don't understand why I couldn't taste these flavor while in the wrap!

Ham & Cheese Wrap with Fresh Crisp House Salad

This restaurant is on the "we are trying next time" visit to Sevierville, TN....good food presented very quickly.  

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